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According to outgoing Governor of the Bank of England Sir Mervyn King, ‘Austen may become the next figure to appear on the £10 note.’ He was heading off ‘a row over banknote sexism following the bank’s announcement to replace Elizabeth Fry on the £5 note with Sir Winston Churchill.’ (The Times)

As an Austen fan I am delighted about the news.  American Book Rioters share their nominations, like Alcott, Angelou, Hemingway, Poe, Twain. I fancy Dickens.

Any author you would like to nominate?

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English: Winston Churchill takes a fresh cigar...

Photo credit: Wikipedia

This is a public domain photo. My surprise at seeing Stalin smiling like that tells me I should browse more photos like this.

But then there probably aren’t many of these showing leaders in their light moments. Nor photographers allowed near them when they’re having a conference break.

Is anyone wondering where could Roosevelt be? If that’s him to Stalin’s right, then he’s not conspicuously inconspicuous as I thought, considering Wikipedia says this was Yalta; when the three of them Greats were brainstorming to reorganize Europe.

Stalin’s facial expression distracts me from targeting Churchill’s cigar, and sets my imagination loose on lands and famines wrought by agriculture upheavals against a country’s transformation to industrialization.

Such as Chairman Mao’s alleged tip for Philippine dictator / Martial Law architect Ferdinand Marcos: you want people to bend to your will? Starve them.

Fortunately, my childhood recollection of anyone Chinese was of Apak who was a picture of bounty, not people in communes. He ran Monte View, a restaurant my parents held their wedding dinner at in 1970.

Lands as broad as foreheads that spread to shiny oblong skulls take me to great uncle C inspecting his daughter’s Sunday market loot. If he didn’t find pork, he would sulk and launch himself in starvation mode. His propensity to take food for granted was as suicidal as Churchill’s V sign was defiant. Uncle C would have fared well in Chairman Mao’s peasant militia.

sepia book

Only he was not peasant. He was considerably landed. Old and spoiled. He would promptly stare out the window so still and forlorn in his wheelchair after discovering he had been deprived of pork chops; Pop-Eye mouth sagging with the weight of his pipe, adding attitude to his double chin.

Wait. Could that be why Franklin Roosevelt was not on the photo with Stalin and Churchill? The US president was wheelchair-bound, wasn’t he?

Churchill was portrayed in Sepia so well in that biography I read many years ago. Recalling that traditional book makes me feel like I would never hunger for a Kindle, a tool brought on by technology developments that went with industrialization advanced by these cigar-smoking leaders.

I WOULD HAVE WANTED A CUBAN CIGAR. And Joseph Stalin, err… Levas gave one to Sonny. Under specific instructions by his girlfriend, Joseph flew in from Los Angeles via Havana, and gave me a pair of T-backs before touring Thailand.

To this day I am convinced those2013.01W.73 gifts were given to the wrong recipients. Sonny is gay. For all I know he could be wishing he got my thongs. And I was hormonal. Downright jealous of his Cuban cigar.

Not that my bellybando self wanted to smoke.  That’s just me borrowing Churchill’s favorite cigar, to describe the state of my stomach. I thought a ‘Belly Bando’ was advertised as one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to your pregnant friend.

Enough ado about cigars, famines and bloated bellies. Let’s head over to Sepia Saturday to find what other Sepians have for this week’s prompt.

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