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abc15-1-300x191 An anglophile greets her Mom on her birthday…

Happy birthday, Mama. I know you are busy entertaining right now so I will ring later.  OMG my bill…! *kidding* You know it’s one of my fave resource-draining habits. I wish circumstances were nicer and I could be there with you but I am happy that you are surrounded by family and friends as you celebrate your special day. Tell me about the speeches and leave me some leche flan. Oh, but sugar is not good for geriatrics, is it? 😉 I’m  just pulling your leg, or legs that used to often be on pumps that I so adored. Did I tell you I got several pairs of Vivienne Westwood?

Now for a birthday wish. It’s to accompany you on the piano once again as you sing songs that make you happy. Wait… I haven’t touched a piano in ages so I may need some practice first but while doing that I could let you know how thankful I am that you were given another year so we can have another chance to be reminded that although our relationship may be punctuated by volatile episodes, our Bond is blessed by the invincibility of 007.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOTHER!

* The Bond phrase was spontaneous.

ma's 73rd 3xb

Seventy-three years ago this woman was born.  Thirty years later she gave birth to a girl to whom she read fairy tales. Lots of fairy tales.  And many of them were, according to her, happened in England.

I grew up believing castles in England were actual homes of Rapunzel, Snow White, and Cinderella.  England was fairy land. Looking back at it now I see the connection; the attribution to this fondness for the place, ways and all.


Mrs Nesbitt and the ABC Team


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Vivienne Westwood

As a person Vivienne Westwood is an English fashion designer who is, according to Wikipedia, “largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream.”


She creates some of the most potent, subversive, innovative, beautiful, expensive, classiest, weirdest, and sexiest shoe designs. If I remembered correctly this is my fifth pair of Vivienne Westwood; hardly gives a fighting chance against tall heights but some of my fave accessories anyway.


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