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The Electrical Experimenter, August 1916. Volu...

The Electrical Experimenter, August 1916. Volume 4 Number 4. The page numbers were on an annual base, not per issue. This issue had pages 225 to 304. Page 296 is shown. The Experimenter Publishing Company would fill unsold space the hotel ads and receive vouchers as payment. They would give these vouchers wholesalers, advertisers and others with whom they did business. (Wikipedia)

A bloggity friend posted a shoutout on FB:


Advertiser X: Hey Leslie, the anchor text is correct however the destination url needs to be fixed. Please, take a look and let me know if you don’t know what I am talking about.

British: Hi Leslie, Yes in the office around 9 – just had some meetings so sorry for the delayed reply 🙂 I have put in the extra links I wanted so the articles are all ready to go! They are attached as word docs.

I commented: this is why I’m an anglophile.

I’m gonna go eat crumpet.  😉


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