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This is an imported post.

Something exciting kept me busy this weekend. It’s getting overwhelming. I have been procrastinating, and like I commented on a co-blogger’s post, ‘I must need a little electric shock on my butt to get cracking. ‘ Since yesterday all I have mustered was reviewing my shots of one of the world’s most notable landmarks and praying that when the go signal is on, I’ll be ready to face this city again:

Unwillingly going back to work after a very hyped series of holidays must have made me in need of prodding. I’m battling to topple at least 30% of necessary research by tomorrow. There are calls to make, banks to visit and a kicking urge to rise from lethargy. But blimey! I can’t even remember which part of London is this:

The desire to be back in England mixes with major hurdles in front of me. At least blimey is british so that’s a start. For the first time in three years I don’t mind the thought of going groggy with jet lag.

Have a great week, everyone!


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