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Lacoste in London

Note: This is an imported post, originally titled “Mommy Moments: Shades.”

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This week’s Mommy Moments theme had me musing, “it’s I who’s gotta wear shades.” After all it’s my moment. So here we go:

At first I didn’t believe it, but during the wake for HRH Princess Galyani I started to think it must be true that my boss has friends in high places. How else did he secure an hour at the Grand Palace for his company? The thought of joining my colleagues to pay our last respects to a Thai royal thrilled me. While millions of Thais watched from their TVs or glanced hopefully from outside palace walls, we enjoyed observing rites in the throne hall itself where the King’s sister lay in state.
Kids were actually allowed inside, the child-friendly society that Thailand is. My mother instinct really wanted to take Cj along. But his Dad decided the place was too adult and somber for him. Besides, we couldn’t risk the possibility of a young child behaving in a way that might not be considered appropriate around such occasion.
Alright this is a little deviation from what I just emphasized earlier: a mom’s gotta include her kiddo so in comes little Cj playing along our theme wearing his precocious shady expression. The pair I’m using here is not even mine. I borrowed it from my mother; just like I borrow her slippers, blouse, lingerie when I’m in PI, (thanks, Ma for always putting up with me) But she can’t blame me. These are the same shades I borrowed and wore when we sent Papa off to the memorial park. Loads of emotions in those plastic lens. *sigh*

And when the sun is shining brightly over low temperature, a girl’s gotta wear shades while trying not to freeze or she can’t return to her kiddo sporting her lovey-dovey mommy poise.

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