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Some time ago on FB, Female Network posted this photo of two ladies in red, and addressed readers:

… fashion faceoff features two lovely ladies in Alexander McQueen. Who do you think styled it better–Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who wore a long-sleved version, or reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who wore it sleeveless? To vote, go to this link ….

The first reaction, which was followed by several similar ones, goes:

the Duchess of Cambridge of course. there’s just definitely something about being royal. the sooner commoners realize and accept that, the better for world peace 😉

Ok, I said that. But it’s is not the first time I saw Kate Middleton being compared with Kim Kardashian, who I took notice of only because of media hype comparing her wedding to Kate’s. There was blab about this Kim’s short-lived nuptials as America’s royal wedding.


Well, both weddings did break TV records. Huffington Post provides quantitative data about each wedding in which the Westminster ceremony comes out pricier.

But what tells us something else? It is most probably when guest demographics of both weddings are described. It was reported that particular VIPs at the real royal wedding had human food tasters.

How do we spell ‘long-sleved’ or analyze ‘heads of states for wedding guests’ again? Never mind. Here’s hoping the distinction is red enough to put an end to what  can’t be even compared: a praegustator in ancient Rome and mice used to sample the 2008 Beijing Olympics meals all these unfair comparisons.


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