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Every time I read ‘walled garden‘ I think of a charming story hidden in it waiting to be told.  That said, look at this property, and guess who owns it.  Did the title give you a clue?

JK Rowling’s Edinburgh home is handsome, fairly old – 19th century, and it stands in a walled garden. What else could be possibly there? Hermione Granger’s fairy birds dancing on dainty leaves of vines that sprung out of nowhere? Probably not. But more like something less magical. Rettie and Co has it on the market. You can start your offer from £2.25m.

My curiosity scrolled down to the comments: one is not “keen on the ‘modern’ interior….” This observer is obviously not interested in the property or just does not have the funds.

The other one admires Rowling for “choosing to stay in the UK and pay her taxes, instead of running off to Switzerland as so many so-called ‘Brits’ have done.”  I did notice JK Rowling didn’t go anywhere after the Harry Potter explosion. She was in an American beach, on bikini, but that was paparazzi handiwork.

Another one muses about Ian Rankin being a neighbour “so you would have someone to talk about literature and music….”

A literary neighborhood, isn’t it? If I could as much as write my own prayer by now I’d say I should have gone the Advertising way in grad school, learn property management and cultivate real estate ideas.


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Deutsch: Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle (vo...

Deutsch: Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle (vor der Flut 2004), Cornwall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three of the ten unusual museums listed by tripadvisor, are found in England: the British Lawnmover Museum in Merseyside, the Cumberland Pencil Museum in Keswick, and one that sounds quite intriguing – the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall.

On the Witchcraft Museum website you will find an image carousel of objects that are available in the museum. There’s a guided tour of a selection of artefacts.

This was a virtual sequel to my fairy tales.

Cecil Williamson, the museum founder provides much of the text presenting history and references of the collection. Some of them are already familiar to me like spells, charms and curses, divination, mandrake root (which I really thought existed only in the pages of the HP series), runes, Madam de la Cour, and tea leaves; all thanks to Harry Potter. I had to google scrying though.

You probably wouldn’t want to try the mirror.

The text on Mother Goose sounds very interesting. Like, really?! The Mother Goose rhymes? the Mother Goose stories? A cousin calls her mom Mother Goose when she’s nagging or fussing over domestic trivia. I can’t wait to tell her Mother Goose was a witch!

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My week went really fast. It’s probably because of the nature of things happening.

Unexpected break.  A quick storm on Wednesday cut off power for an hour. Everything at work was paralyzed. The academic dean had to cancel afternoon classes. Students cheered, but the biggest cheer rose out from the faculty offices 😀

Discoveries thru a bus window. I made use of the unexpected break by taking a bus ride to the heart of Bangkok. I haven’t observed things along Sukhumvit road for a few years. There’s a garden and an Arts and Culture Center to visit for free.

MP3. When work is not that serious, one of my best friends in the office is a pair of music-filled earphones. Sometimes playing songs, especially when they’re your choice, makes work so much smoother and sets the mood well throughout the day.

Going solo to the movies. I re-watched Harry Potter last Sunday.  This time I was alone, not babysitting a hyperactive 5-year old.  It was relaxing.

And I got myself some highlight:

A deal. I mentioned somewhere among previous posts that I was making a decision to accept a university instructorship or not. I decided not to. It was a NO even after the vice president asked me to drop by his office. He fired off negotiating tactics as soon as I sat down and through it an idea suddenly sprung –

I responded, “Ok, I will take up the post if you write the British Embassy…”

He seemed stumped and it was my turn to negotiate.

“What are you doing in England this time?” he demanded.

I flashed him a (sort of wicked) smile, “no money involved… write the embassy, Boss and you got yourself a new instructor.”

He didn’t ask what did I want him to write about. Without much ado he said, “alright, I will.”

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