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1st 12 – join cabinet
2nd 12 – given position (Minister of State)
3rd 12 – Undersecretary of State
4th 12 – Parliamentary Private Secretary to a Cabinet Minister


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When I browsed Jeffrey Archer’s First Among Equals for the first time since I read it last year, I noticed my own notes on the margins. It turned out I extracted them from the first paragraph of Chapter Six.

In most democratic countries a newly elected leader enjoys a transitional period during which he is able to announce the policies he intends to pursue and whom he has selected to implement them. In Britain MPs sit by their phones and wait for forty-eight hours immediately after the election result has been declared.  If a call comes in the first twelve hours they will be asked to join the cabinet, the second twelve given a position as a Minister of State, the third twelve made an Under-Secretary of State, and the last twelve a Parliamentary Private Secretary to a Cabinet minister.

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Looking around for more Jeffrey Archer quotes,  this –

“I have discovered with advancing years that few things are entirely black or white, but more often different shades of grey

led me to wonder about the origin of EL James’s novel title –



I read James’s Fifty Shades because the protagonist is my nicknamesake.

Just joking

… about the reading. (I didn’t even if in college I was actually nicknamed Anastasia by very close friends. Until now I am still Anastasia to one or two of them on their phones.)

I have an inkling Jeffrey Archer is not even the first one to have said “shades of grey.” Researching origins would be fun but maybe later for another J week. I may come up with something like Justly attributed…”

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