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Almost always epitaphs get my mind animated with so many questions, blowing me a whiff of cleansing sadness. Once in a POW cemetery in Kanchanaburi, an epitaph brought me back to those long-ago sundown family worship times at home. Abide with me was a hymn we often sang.

Even such is Time, which takes in trust
Our youth, our joys, and all we have,
And pays us but with age and dust;
Who in the dark and silent grave,
When we have wandered all our ways,
Shuts up the story of our days:
And from which earth, and grave, and dust,
The Lord shall raise me up, I trust.

Epitaph by Sir Walter Raleigh, is reportedly written the night before he was beheaded, and left at the Tower of London Gate-House.’ (source) Producing poetry just hours away from the guillotine! Isn’t the human spirit such an amazing thing?

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