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Who goes to a concert and cries? Or tries not to? I’m odd that way. The evening began on an exciting note.  The lobby was busy with fans arriving, friends meeting, taking pictures – the normal socializing: Emily and Ego. The Elaborate Lives. Those Eight Hundred Dollar Shoes… Easier to Walk Away.

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Elton John transported us everywhere. My E major reverie skipped along the Yellow Brick Road and on the road to El Dorado.  Then it was time for an elegant encore with scenes in Africa. And that’s when the emotions came partying with me.  I suddenly missed one little guy who got packed off to Grandma’s while his parents sorted out the big D.  He would sit at his computer entranced by Simba; with Elton belting out Can you feel the love tonight?  Those chubby arms swaying with the beat; those lyric-mumbling, little red lips were always eye candy to me, Circle of Life style.

As the eminent Englishman tickled the huge grand bidding England’s Rose goodbye, I searched my purse for some Kleenex. You know. Just in case the eyes got sweaty.  Which meant I was thankfully alive – an excellent motivation to grab the phone and re-emphasize I love You to the poor kiddo who calls me Mummy.

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