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Pictures of England

While reading definitions of anglophile I was doing a bit of self-evaluation to see which among definitions from dictionaries I consulted reflected me. I ask if I can call myself an anglophile. It is through this question that I decided my first post on this blog would be to make out what type of anglophile I am. So, an anglophile is –

Someone who likes the UK, British people, or British things ~ MacMillan dictionary

A person who is not British but is interested in, likes or supports Britain and its people and customs ~ Cambridge Dictionaries Online

A person who is fond of or greatly admires England or Britain – Oxford Dictionary

A person who greatly admires or favors England and all things English. ~ Merriam Webster

All true to me except “all things English.” I go for honesty here. I am not necessarily ‘all things English.’ For example, I do not even know many of today’s English pop artists, or those around my age. While I am willing to get to know them, there’s no guarantee I will have time or energy to idolize them.

But I am fond of England (as if that’s not the title of this blog already). And I got  symptoms:

  • TV shows subscription of the apartment where I live is so pathetic even CNN, which I think has a tendency to sensationalize, vanishes at the first sign of thunder. So I scan youtube and watch every British TV show and English classical drama available until my eyelids need toothpicks to pitch them open.
  • constantly dream of crumpets, cottages and castles; always converts numbers indicating the London weather and the English pound to their equivalence in the country where I am
  • spell ‘spelt’ ‘theatre,’ and write ‘whilst’ in my correspondence on purpose.
  • it’s been six years since an English friend brought me boxes of peppermint tea, and I still have them in my cupboard. All expired. And I’m proud of them as ever.
  • not twitting you the latest anything I know from planet Jane Austen if you insisted that the 1995 Pride and Prejudice was better than the 2005 version.
  • answers to question memes repetitively have something to do with England
  • occasionally mimic Rupert Grint‘s ‘car,’ Julie Andrews’s ‘girl’ and have this tendency to teach my son how to pronounce ‘mother.’
  • sleeping pills are old English books.
  • when I heard ‘cadswallop’ from Hagrid of Harry Potter, I researched it with as much sense of importance as when I worked on my graduate thesis.
  • in danger of boring my friends to tears, if not strangled, for constantly subjecting them to my rants about England and the English.
  • endure horror films if it means getting to see English countryside scenery

There I have them. Perhaps I could elaborate if I wrote a post like The Anglophile that I am not. I’ll see what I can come up with.


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