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Meet Chester. He lives in Beamish. I didn’t know his name, didn’t know if he had a name. The moment he came near enough to be touched I decided he wouldn’t be ‘A Horse With No Name,’ that horse created in Dorset, so I named him myself. 

Chester is a heart stealer. This heart-warming moment will breathe eternally fresh in my stock of beautiful emotions. I held out my palm. He checked what’s in it: mint candies, and he didn’t hesitate to lick them off as if chiding, “what took you so long to give me my treat?” I forgot the shivering complaint of my south-east Asian blood against the cold of North England.

I told Chester to leave some for me. He kept on eating til my hand was empty. I giggled and he understood I had more. It only took a second for him to realize where were the rest. He licked my purse too! The force of his tongue gave me a gentle push. His intelligence sealed my admiration for him. That’s when I patted his head. We exchanged the same unspoken message of thanks. His grateful eyes melted my dancing heart.

~ ABC Wednesday ~


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