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Warbling in Windsor

windsor 18

Walls will you whisper
what it was like in the late 11th century….

guards windor castle

I will be honest. I knew where we were going. To Windsor Castle. But as the coach approached the magnificent edifice, I went into what I can only explain now as shock. My first thoughts were ‘what is that?!’ ‘a mammoth or something?’  I did not recognize what was in front of me (walls). Nor did I realize that I was already starting to experience what I wrote on the tourist visa application form as my reason for visiting the UK: to fulfill a childhood dream- see an English castle.

Luckily it did not take long for me to get over the initial visual confusion, and as soon as I did, I went warbling in glee. Quietly. I was walking on winged feet at the realization that this is it, something I only see in fairy tale books when I was little has finally materialized. Wonder galore! And my affinity for things old easily made the magic come alive.

Thanks to our host: Mrs Nesbitt & the ABC Team * Rubbish Tuesday * Ruby Tuesday Too


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